Decentralized exchange and community for the development of innovative crypto products. In the vision of a future of Ethereum and Blockchain, we started developments early in Feb 2020.

Roadmap to Developments:

Decentralized Exchange ( launching, Jan 2nd, 2021)

ANDX Defi token for stakeholders ( 81,800 total supply )

Markets (Live price, graphs, and updates of all Defi)

ANO token ( Used for Utility, rewards, Dex fees, and trade )

Smart Buy ( Users can Buy ETH from $1)

P2P exchange.( Convert Crypto to fiat) — In development

Trade analytics for market research reports — Live

4 days ago

How to connect wallet from website

Simple and Easy

To Connect your ETH wallet From the website

Steps to buying ANDX from Web Browswer

Buying ANDX from the browser is as simple as doing it from mobile.

Step 1: Open the Website page “

Step 2: Click “connect wallet “. ( Make sure you have the wallet installed in the browser)

Step 3: Go to ANDX Sale page Purchase form and Enter the value of ANDX tokens you want to purchase and click “submit”

Step 4: Sucess! Your order is placed and you can track your order in “ Transaction history”

That’s Great!

You are having the opportunity to buy the highly in demand Defi token of 2021.

Get your token at the lowest before we list on Uniswap, 1Inch, Sushiswap, and 9 other decentralized exchanges in 3 months of time. …

4 days ago

Buy ANDX with ETH + ANO

Great Opportunity for the early adopters of ANO token.

Arrano Network’s ANDX Pre-Sale is live and the new feature to use ETH plus the ANO token is now allowed. ANO holders excited.

Buy ANDX wth ETH + ANO | Arrano Network

Arrano Network’s Defi token ANDX Pre-Sale is live and it’s grabbing global attention from Defi traders and direct investors to reserve their stake in Arrano Dex Protocol for future benefits.

On High demand from the Arrano community, the option to buy ANDX using ETH+ ANO is allowed. Additionally, The Price of the token will continue to be the same, unless the verification of all ANO holder’s Arrano account is completed.

Learn how to use ANO balance + ETH to buy the ANDX token at the lowest price.

5 days ago

How to buy ANDX Defi token?

From Website and Mobile

ANDX Token sale is live and there is a magnificent response to buy the token at the lowest price. The sale will be open for 6 days from 14th Dec to 19th Dec in 3 phases.

This article will help you understand how to Buy the ANDX token from the Website and Mobile Wallet.

Steps to buying ANDX from Mobile

Before you begin, make sure you have enough ETH funds in your ETH wallet ( Metamask, Trustwallet, or other Ethereum wallet )

Step 1: Open your Trustwallet/Metamask and Click “Browse “

Step 2: Enter /search the URL “”

Step 3: In the menu, Click “ANDX Sale…

6 days ago

ANDX Defi Pre-Sale is Coming!

Buy at the lowest price on 14th Dec 2020.

Arrano Network Announces the Pre-Sale of ANDX token, a Defi token with total supply of 81,800 & listed on Uniswap ,other DEX.

ANDX token sale on 14th Dec 2020

Arrano Network so far had a magnificent first quarter!

Image for post

Arrano Network archives 50,000 community milestones.

The Arrano Network has achieved 50,000+ users of the platform along with 6560+ Telegram members, 1000+ Reddit followers, 1100+ medium followers, and 4100+ Twitter followers.

… and these numbers are growing every day with increasing attention and support for the project globally.

We want to thank you for being a part of the Arrano Community and actively using the application. We are also glad to see feedback, active participation in Arrano Product like Arrano Scratch Cards, Arrano Trade Analytics, Arrano Roadmap, and Arrano Bounty for ANDX token.

Today Arrano Stands to be the world’s most trusted and visionary Crypto Project of all time. …


Cryptocurrency’s agenda to take currency to every corner with ease of access, transfer and security is now practically possible.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the Open finance system where all the financial services can be accessed in a decentralized format under the smart contract surveillance . Users can simply have access to lending, staking loan, insurance..etc from their phone without worrying about the security or funds.

This is all possible because of powerful smart contracts that enable to have more sophisticated functioning apps also called Dapp ( Decentralized Apps) that just do more than sending and receiving digital assets.

Defi apps ( projects) completely Upholds the Idea of Decentralization, No Central Authority that also influences automation, high security and accuracy of working of a system/service.

DeFi today is a rapidly growing sector and most of its use cases are with Cryptocurrency sectors. This can also be evaluated by looking at the millions of holding in Ethereum currency in DeFi applications.

Blockchain is Simply a ledger technology that stores information in a “blocks of information” powered by cryptography. The Blocks usually carry information like transaction Date, time, amount or any inputs provided and these blocks form a chain to pass/store the information and hence called a Blockchain.


Blockchain technology revolutionized the banking and finance markets, cyber security space, supply chain management, artificial intelligence, etc. It has been seen that since after its launch it began disrupting many industries through its technological features.

It is widely accepted and popular for its features such as Privacy and security, Transparency during transactions and auditability of operations, faster execution of operations and delivery of data with lower costs.



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